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4222 Unique MetaMercs looking for action.

MetaMercs are a collection of 4222 unique mercenaries. The 3d MetaMercs are generated from over 6000 elements. These traits combine algorithmically to give them strength, armor, health, special abilities, and equipment ratings. 

 They say there is no honour among thieves; in the Badlands, there is no blood without glory. And no shortage of MetaMercs willing to fight to the last ragged breath to destroy their target. 

The Badlands are a living beast; untamed wilderness, urban hellscapes, and rundown cities. Darkness is a tangible thing; the menacing gloom of evening brings with it howls of agony and the rushing footfalls of Mercs pursuing their target in the night. Contracted to track down and eliminate their mark, hybrids and humans alike tear the Badlands apart searching for the ultimate payday. 


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MetaMercs - Badlands

The first game released will be a play to earn hunt and destroy. Competing mercenaries will track down and eliminate the target. By eliminating the target the player will earn Blood Money (the native token of the MetaMercs Ecosystem). Blood Money will be available to purchase and swap for upgraded weapons, armor, and traits. 


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Players will have the choice of playing as a Merc or as the Target. The target will receive Blood Money for eluding capture. 

The five warring factions battle for notoriety. Guardians, Stints, Loners, Oges and Ragdolls. Each with unique strengths and abilities that give them an explosive edge in combat. An ancient hostility pits the factions against one another, enthralled in unending conflict. To reign superior, they must prove it with guts and gall. The wealthiest factions kill for fame; the poor kill to live.

Blood Money

Epic battles and successful contracts reap riches; Blood Money drives the Badlands economy. 

The markets deal in blood currency, selling mighty weapon upgrades and improved armour. For those seeking traits that escaped them at birth, a few vendors could be compelled to help, for the right price.  

Those in the Badlands don’t give up; a successful contract or two will boost a faction’s reputation and currency, if they’re willing to fight for it. 


Mission 1

Develop an intriguing and quality NFT. Our goal is to make this NFT drop as flawless as possible. Focusing on the technicality and quality of our contract. All while building an engaging community on both Discord and Twitter. Begin Development of MetaMercs - Badlands metaverse.

Release Blood Money token to be used as native currency on the blockchain.

Mission 2 (following successful Whitelist Sale)

Release Token for Public Sale 

Release MetaMercs - Badlands Play to Earn Game

Open marketplace for upgrades and abilities.


Mission 3 (at 25% Sold)

Begin Development of Submersive online MetaMercs Enviroment

Open Merch Shop with 50% of all profits returned to Holders of MetaMercs in form of Blood Money.


Mission Complete (at 100% sold)

Open MetaMercs Universe for online play

The MetaMercs universe will be a submersive 3d MetaVerse experience where you can join other Mercs for amazing hunt and eliminate games. In addition there will be social areas only available to MetaMercs holders.

How to buy?
Where do you find yourself a mercenary for hire?
In the classifieds of course!

Minting begins on 11/14/2021


Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field. With many years of experience in the industry, and an obsession with the future of blockchain and gaming.


The Motivator

Michael aka Peng1 is a graphic artist and web developer with years of experience in technology. He is always available to answer any questions and concerns. 

Hit him up on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

All of his socials are available on his Linktree


The Marketer

Sammy aka MetaHero is a marketing professional. He is also slightly obsessed with the MetaVerse and its benefits and possibilities.

He's working 24/7 but feel free to Hit him up on our Discord.


Community Manager

Camden aka TeddyAMA is our community manager and avid gamer. 

Feel free to give him a shout out on Discord

The Game Devs

The brains behind the beauty.

Light Arts game development works tirelessly to make this game launch as flawless as possible while packing it with as much fun as we can handle.

They are always working so questions for them can be fielded through Peng1 or TeddyAMA

Using MetaMask to Purchase MetaMercs NFT

The easiest way to purchase MetaMercs NFT is with MetaMask Wallet. Follow these steps to install and use MetaMask

Step 1. Downloading MetaMask

To download MetaMask, you need to be using a Chromium based browser such as Google Chrome or Brave. If you’re using one of these, access the web store listing (make sure you’re downloading the real extension) and then click “Add to Chrome”, or “Add to Brave” if you’re using the Brave Browser.

Step 2. Creating a MetaMask Wallet

Once MetaMask is downloaded, click “get started” on the popup that appears in your browser. Then, click “create a wallet” as shown above. Follow the steps provided in MetaMask to complete setup of wallet.



Step 3. Funding your MetaMask Wallet

Now that you’ve created your wallet, you need to fund it with Ether (ETH). This is the fuel of the Ethereum blockchain and is required to transfer tokens and ETH, to purchase NFTs, and to interact with decentralized apps (dApps). Any action on Ethereum requires using Ether as gas.

From within MetaMask itself, it’s possible to fund your wallet using debit and credit cards, as well as Apple Pay. This is done through their partners, Wyre and Transak, and to access this feature you just need to click “buy” from within your wallet, then choose Wyre or Transak.

Connect to Wallet from MetaMercs.xyz

Now click the connect to wallet button from the Dapp on MetaMercs.xyz (will be available when minting begins (11/01/2021. Click the amount you want to purchase (maximum of 5) and follow on screen instructions to approve purchase.


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